madeleine flynn and tim humphrey

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Installed in the Australia Council of the Arts windows, September-December 2011, with the assistance of cake industries and Letterbox design.

Originally presented as part of Liquid Architecture National Sound Arts Festival July 2010, and the New Music Network concert series.

As a commissioned collection within an interactive sound work, constellation creates an experience that is a commentary on the presence and absence of composers in the realisation of their work, as well as the role of a spectator/listener’s personal spatial and bodily configuration in the unfolding of the work.

Ros Bandt
Carolyn Connors
Rohan Drape
Madeleine Flynn
Robin Fox
Sebastian Harris
Tim Humphrey
Anita Hustas
Neil Kelly
Graeme Leak
Kate Neal
Wang Zheng Ting
David Young

Created as an exhibition with performance interruptions.

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