madeleine flynn and tim humphrey



A mixed media sound installation in collaboration with Jesse Stevens. Presented by Arts House in Association with Melbourne Festival, 19 – 23 October 2010.

A fascinating and enchanting mixed media sound installation created from the genetic materials of thousands of individuals but activated by you.

Within the cavernous space of the Meat Market, three microscopes sit on platforms waiting for the audience to bring them to life. Hidden within each microscope is a tiny animation, an enticing assembly of images and words that we use to describe ourselves and each other. By approaching the platforms, audience members activate their own captivating sound and light experience that is created from the viewer’s height and posture. Just as our genetic makeup determines what makes us individual, how we move as individuals affects how we experience the intriguing work epi-thet.

Inspired by an ANAT Synapse Residency with Dr Shane Grey at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, musicians and composers Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey have been working since 2008 on the sonification of research data, making it possible to hear as well as see a representation of the genetic process.

epi-thet uses data from public domain genetic databases to create sound and image. Using an original algorithm that maps the data from the genetic process to sound parameters and from simple information that is drawn from posture, a composition unique to each individual is created. The audience becomes the conductor of this extraordinary composition contemplating the exquisite beauty in science.

Supported by ANAT and Experimenta.