madeleine flynn and tim humphrey

new steps

how to walk on ice

Creative development in collaboration with Arts Centre Melbourne and the New Music Network.

Investigating frictions. Development June- December 2013 Second stage Development Iceland, August 2014.

We are currently in the development period for How to Walk on Ice. We have been listening to trajectories across snow and ice by foot and by cross country ski, checking snowmakers suitable for urban environments, and considering sea ice analysis and remote sensing data. We happened to meet two members of the Summits on the Air international amateur radio program www . sota . org . uk ,(check them out!) which has led to a consideration about radio aspects of the work.The artificial production of ice and snow is becoming widespread in Australia with many sonic implications  The prospect of melt and the disappearing silence of snowfields is adding to an array of motivic materials that begin with the body’s gestures in different conditions against the grand gestures of landscape. Next we are located at a set of steps in a busy urban space, measuring foot traffic.