madeleine flynn and tim humphrey

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Creative development in Korea at Nottle Theatre, Munmak and Mullae Arts Centre in Seoul, April 2013.

Creative development with Nottle Theatre, Sth Korea and Tony Yap and Naomi Ota Bundanon – Monash University, August 2011
Kekkai ( Sanskrit Siimaabandha) – sacred barrier / protective barrier
(結界) literally means tied / bounded world/area
“..the true beauty of kekkai lies in their ability to join rather than divide.. their true
signifcance lies in their fexibility..”
“ spaces can be made to appear and disappear almost immediately”
(Itô Teiji, Architectural critic)
The creative development partnership is an exploration of the kekkai, working with the assistance of an interpreter to deepen the discourse between TYC and Nottle. Going beyond the everyday sense of ‘boundary’ to the deeper, more layered symbology of kekkai gives a wide space for investigating key questions, such as: What is the kekkai between the different art-forms represented? What is the kekkai between the two companies? In exploring concepts of trance/possession, when is it too deep to be safe? What is the kekkai as we traverse a contemporary and global society? What is the kekkai between transformation/movement and stasis/stillness? What are the kekkai in elements of narrative?
The artists are also concerned with the internal kekkai of the person: bifurcation or gradation. The honest body, ‘sacred and profane’, ‘grotesque and beautiful’, ‘mundane and signifcant in its movement’.