madeleine flynn and tim humphrey




A meditation on death, memory and desire in eight episodes

Made by Meredith Rogers, Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, Cobie Orger, Younes Bashir, Bob Morley and Kerry Saxby

from poems, drawings and parts of a play by Federico Garcia Lorca

Lorca is an artist for whom the contemporary concept of hybridity could have been invented. He was a poet, playwright, visual artist and composers and other artists in all of these media have been drawn to collaborate with him  from the outset. We set out to investigate, complicate and continue that rich tradition of homange and collaboration.Sleep finds common ground between the poetic and theatrical sensibility of a great Spanish poet and a group of contemporary Australian artists. Histories of film, twentieth century music, dramatic works and visual art are visited and re-configured here to make new work.