madeleine flynn and tim humphrey

stampede the stampede

Presented by Arts House and Tim Darbyshire

Stampede the Stampede is a nolo (not a solo), performed by Tim Darbyshire within a turbulent yet controlling choreographic apparatus. It is a nolo in the sense that the work attempts to expand choreography by means of machinery, object, lighting and sound configurations, created in collaboration with the core artistic team.

A raging installation
A corrosion of posture
A rupture disrupted
A controlled struggle
A predictable scribble
A violent fragility
A suspended rush
A mechanical falling
A splintering of individual
A lyrical hoard
A chaser being chased
A turbulent ballet
Surrounds the surrounded
Stampedes the stampede

Choreography, Performance & Voice Work: Tim Darbyshire
Sound Designers: Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey
Set & Lighting Designers: Jennifer Hector, Bosco Shaw

World Premiere
Arts House,
Meat Market

Wed 18 – Sun 22 March 2015
Presented at Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney, 19-20 Aug 2016.