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test drive

‘Test Drive’ is the first stage creative development of ‘A Mad Odyssey’, a music and dance collaboration that occurs on a drive from Darwin to Melbourne. It is an ambitious traveling dance and music show created by artists and communities across multiple towns and cities on the journey from Darwin to Melbourne. The work will evolve from town to town, until they finally arrive in Melbourne’s Federation Square, where they will perform the full eclectic 50 minute work on the back of the two travel weary utes. ‘Test Drive’ is the initial creative development of the project, which will allow the composers, choreographers and dancers to spend two weeks on the road trialing a mini odyssey in regional Victoria.

Collaboraters: David Tyndall, Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey,Bec Reid and Tim Harvey, Regional Arts Victoria, Ausdance Victoria.

First stage development: January 2012

Read about the creative development from Swan Hill, Sealake, Charlton and Bendigo here

Supported by the Australia Council of the Arts.

Australia Council article