madeleine flynn and tim humphrey


weekly ticket: the artist at the station

Launched February 3, 2016. Until February 3 2031

What if a public art work was an artist?

Our new work, Weekly Ticket, installs an artist at the busy, diverse  Footscray Train Station forecourt for one hour per week for fifteen years.  The artist for the on-site weekly visit is David Wells, local Footscray artist. The longevity of the project allows the artist a commitment over 15 years to the development of relationships: the artist becomes a person who is known and to whom locals refer.

In our interpretation the station becomes a site of talking and conversations become an artwork. As the project develops, other local, national and international artists will be invited to become part of the project as an expanded performative conversation. An archive collects and collates the conversations, in visual, sonic and textual forms. This collection of virtual ephemera, will be a research into the nature and sustainability of long-term virtual and digital archiving.

In collaboration with  David Wells, Merophie Carr and Bec Reid.

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