madeleine flynn and tim humphrey

Waterpiano by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey Photographer Dean PetersenCloudscape by Cameron Robbins Photographer Dean PetersenArtist Cameron Robbins Photo by Dean PetersenWallowing by Rosemary Joy Photographer Dean PetersenDrip Installation v 2.3 by Graeme Leak Photographer Dean PetersenPlutonic Waters ( Bubble Chamber) by Cameron Robbins Photographer Dean PetersenWater Storage Capacity by Rosemary Joy Photo by Dean PetersenThe Gauge- by Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey and Cameron Robbins Photographer Dean Petersen


Gauge is a playground of investigation into weather, water and scale.

Gauge was presented at the Brighton Festival in May 2015. and supported by the Australia Council for the Arts. The Gauge catalogue for the Brighton Festival iteration can be downloaded here: Gauge_UK_Catalogue. 8,000 people visited the installation, which was open for the whole festival period.

The Brighton Festival artistic team comprised Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, Graeme Leak, Cameron Robbins, Rosemary Joy, Ed Chivers and Johanna Bramil, with Lighting Design by Jennifer Hector.

Gauge offers audiences the chance for a hands- on encounter with an array of contemporary and historical apparatus, a collective artistic response to current debate around the water cycle and the distribution of water resources.

Created and directed by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, with Graeme Leak, Rosemary Joy, Cameron Robbins, Professor Michael Roderick and Associate Professor Adrian Pearce.

The initial development of this work was supported by the Inter-Arts Board of the Australia Council, and the City of Melbourne CultureLAB program, and the 2012 presentation was supported by ArtsHouse, City of Melbourne and Arts Victoria.

Past presentation:

Premiere November 15- 23 November.